a tyre wrapping machine with the present automatic operation

[0008] Ideally, the mention of the wheel, comprising two top to bottom cylinders connected in series, the top of the the cylinder and linked to the chassis is linked to the tube underneath the horizontal rails, horizontal rails attached to two sliders , the slider can glide over the horizontal rails, push installed convert inward to say tire claw.

Tyre packaging machine If at all possible, the exterior band of stated adhesive indicates includes two symmetrically organized arm, uppr arm linked to the frame through a shaft, connected to the reduced arm with knife, blade on two arm structure relative to lamination, turret has 3 guide lines, every guide groove or home heating have been set up a baffle dish bonding, heating bonding platter baffles and all through the springtime with 1 finish connected to the bottom information slot, the length of the baffle heating the sticky sheet is greater than the duration of the resource owner is placed on each of two heating the adhesive platter, blade is also installed on the shearing blades, the shearing blade is found between the two dish heating bonding, two knife comparable stress co-place is incorporated in the maximum placement packets tire indicates underneath the beams.

Tyre packing machine Preferably, said flange signifies consists of two symmetrically disposed installation system, with the raising screw installing system attached to the top to bottom lower system to transmit wheel, two installation program tire delivery signifies are located in two straight two parallel recognition sequence is installed on the installation foundation woman auxiliary bracket, centre bracket is attached auxiliary guideline shaft, the guideline shaft is mounted over the axis of the moving guideline frame, a plurality of slipping the bracket with all the guide shaft as being the center diverging outside manual groove, the guide groove of the auxiliary body is mounted strut corresponding place, the guide groove is attached to slip down the guideline groove movements obstruct, the movable prevent is placed on the energetic handle, the productive handle along with the movable prohibit at 1 finish by way of a shaft linked , the center of the lively handle by a shaft and strut interconnection flange coupled to the base unit more makes up conveying indicates positioned below the lover.

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