A turntable construction for the stretch wrapping machine-2014

4. The turntable assemblage of claim 2 wherein each said body participant is made of the material and of a geometry so as to elastically deform an quantity sufficient to permit the roller set axis of rotation to lean about 3 degrees each time a fill of approximately 3,500 lbs is positioned on one curler of said kind of rollers.

5. The turntable assemblage of state 4 where each said framework member is usually rectangular in cross portion using a size of about 2. in . along with a size of around .25 inches, and is constructed of A36 metallic.

6. The turntable set up of state 5 where explained kind of rollers is placed generally midway along a length of stated frame member.

7. The turntable set up of declare 6 wherein said framework member features a reduced size between mentioned kind of rollers and every end of mentioned framework member.

8. The turntable set up of declare 5 in which stated pair of rollers is positioned in close proximity to one particular stop of mentioned structure fellow member, explained framework associate using a decreased height at the conclusion close to which explained kind of rollers is located.

9. A turntable assemblage for the stretch wrapping machine, said turntable set up comprising:

a framework,

a centre rotatably fitted to explained framework on a shaft, and

a turntable attached to explained center for rotation regarding a generally vertical turntable axis of rotation,

said frame including hub deflection limiting structure spaced around the turntable axis of rotation at about degrees, at about 90 degrees, and at about 180 degrees, said deflection limiting structure spaced from said hub by an amount such that if said turntable is struck causing said hub to bend said shaft, said shaft will elastically deform rather than plastically deform.

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