A panel wrapping machine for weatherproofing the joint

Shape 3 can be a transverse go across sectional see much like Body 2 with all the panel members taken out” and illustrating the relative positions of the sealing lip area if the panels are displaced;

Figure 4 is really a transverse cross sectional look at the panel packing machine showing the way through which among the sealing lips could be deformed from a pressure resource;

Body 4a is actually a cross sectional look at the panel packaging machine displaying the manner of inflating mentioned strip to result in the deformation of your securing lips for facilitating the installation of panel members;

Physique 5 isa transverse go across sectional View of a changed method of the invention of panel packing illustrating a sealing strip for helpful parallel panel people;

Physique 6 is really a transverse go across sectional view of the sealing and packing strip displayed in Shape 5 together with the panel participants taken out; and

Figure 7 is actually a fragmentary top rated elevational take a look at the sealing strip shown in Numbers 6 and 5 illustrating a part thereof in section to indicate the longitudinally stretching starting at 1 part thereof. t

Figure 8 is really a lessened-dimensions, front elevational view of a full windowpane set up, like the area section thereof shown in Figures 1 and 2, after the window panel is loaded inside the 50 securing strip.

Inside the drawing Figures 1 to 4a inclusive show a packing or closing strip 5 created as outlined by the present technology of panel packing for being obtained in a opening from the panel 6 in order to 65 assist a glass windows panel or perhaps the like as at 1 in such a way concerning weather-waterproof and proof the joint in between.

The securing strip 5 includes a system portion 8 which is elliptical in cross section and it is provided with opposed longitudinal slot machines 9 and i also for finding the fringe of the panel 6 and windowpane panel 1 respectively. The inner wall space of the 1ongitudinal lines I0 and 9 are a bit curved so that the sides will likely be a little overturned as at H and I2 to make gripping and sealing lips for engaging the side areas of your panels 6 and I. The sealing strip is formed and extruded from rubber or other resilient material so that the lips II and I2 will normally assume the position shown in Figure 3 so that they will be placed under tension when the panels 6 and I are arranged with their edges in the slots 3 and III as shown in Figure 2, as shown in Figure 3.

Extending longitudinally of the closing packing strip 5 is an opening or passageway I3 having a segment I4 ,cut aside in between the sections 6 and I and stated opening up I3 is enlarged as at I5 to create a crescent-designed part having an arcuately curved interior wall I6 of considerably the identical go across sectional shape as being the elliptical entire body section 8, therefore developing an arcuately curved wall structure portion II extending involving the lip area II and I2 which, within its regular placement, as displayed in Stats 3 and 2, i enhanced towards lateral tensions or pressure.

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