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7. The equipment of assert 6 whereby stated vertical axis and explained horizontal axis intersect.

8. The apparatus of state 1 which includes method for sensing an international thing from the pathway in the structure implies and responsively halting the generate implies from driving the structure implies down the course.

9. The apparatus of claim 8 wherein the detecting means is mounted on the lower portion of the frame detects and means a foreign object by being physically displaced by the object.

10. The equipment of claim 1 where the frame means contains a horizontally extending top structure ray as well as a up and down extending reduced body beam increasing downward through the uppr frame ray.

11. The device of assert 1 wherein the support signifies includes a horizontally stretching help beam mounted on a mounting member.

12. The equipment of state 11 whereby the mounting associate features a walls.

13. The apparatus of state 11 whereby the installing associate features a stand which engages the floor.

14. The apparatus of state 13 where the stand up contains a up and down extending stand up beam and a base.

15. The apparatus of declare 14 wherein the bottom consists of horizontal foundation beams which extend outward through the vertically extending remain ray.

16. The apparatus of state 15 wherein the basic beams lengthen usually parallel on the path throughout the load and also over an angular extent considerably under the angular extent of the course.

17. The equipment of assert 1 such as commutator path for giving recent to a controller around the structure path for dealing with electrical components in the structure indicates.

18. The appparatus of declare 17 wherein explained electric powered elements add a control for selectively working the travel indicates.

19. The apparatus of state 17 where said electrical elements add a control for vertically converting the web dispenser relative to the body throughout wrapping.

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