A coil upender to create 90 degree steel coil turnging

Within an choice embodiment, the coil upender comprises a dealing with robot generated and positioned to buy (i.e. straight from the shuttle) individual moves situated with all the axis thereof roughly horizontal and swivel these people to take them into a position with the axis thereof approximately straight.

According to the invention are indicated hereunder with reference to some non-limiting embodiments and in the appended claims further advantageous embodiments and possible additional characteristics of the coil upender.

The invention also relates to a robot for handling rolls of web material, particularly although not exclusively for use in a coil upender of the above type, comprising an articulated arm, movable according to a plurality of numerically controlled axes and supporting a suction head, according to a specific aspect. According to a possible embodiment, the suction head has a surface for gripping the rolls substantially flat in shape and approximately semi-circular. Advantageously, the suction brain could have suction regions which can be turned on selectively as a function of the size from the roll being taken care of.

The suction areas are formed of substantially semi-annular portions, in fluid connection with a suction duct, according to a preferred embodiment of the invention. Also presented are variety participants to selectively hook up mentioned substantially semi-annular amounts towards the suction power duct. The variety members are able to include a valve.

In the additional embodiment, the head of your robot will have a plurality of self-shutting down valves, associated with a suction duct and placed together with the suction power area for the gripping top of the suction mind of your robot. The personal-shutting down valves may be designed with respective close-off of people which close the valve if you have no work surface of the roll to get involved by way of mentioned head before it.

Inside a specifically recommended embodiment in the creation, a sensing unit to switch on suction if the mind is within proximity to a roll is associated with said brain.

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